Feb 24, 2009

StuDy MaKe Me...WhAt????


1. my class have 4 friends ( 2 gurls + 2 boYs) couples...ngeh..ngeh..

2. this semester i have 3 subject and 9 kredit..

3. class just on weekend (week 1st and 3rd)hehe...

4. EnJoy wif my tutor...hehe...sebab dorang ni klakors2..

kecuali ex-lecture aku..don't know y he missing last tutor 2 n 3?

 disappear kot...call pun x dpt..whatever lah..janji die sihat walafiat..


1. When i Got da 3 assignment...wallaaaa..

2. dat assignment want me discribe all about researching and case study...

3. i don't like english..but for broken english i can..hahaha....

4. my time management sooo busy..and don't have any time to social 

wif my personal work...erghhh...tencionn maa...

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