May 19, 2008

Emo Or Bore???

1. Why did you stop liking the last
person you liked?
- maybe jus frens is better

2. Are you usually the heart breaker
or the heart broken?
- err..May be..but i think only...

3. What was the last thing you put in
your mouth?
- air + nasik lauk ikan sardin + telur dadar

4. Name a quote from the song you are
listening to:?
- Ku Merindu and Bleeding Love

5. How is life going for you right now?
- Sgt Menyeksakan....

6. Are you keeping a secret from
someone who needs to know the truth?
- yup..

7. Who was the last person to comment
- ibu..

8. Regret(s)?
- hummm ade lar kot cket2....but don't give up..

10. What was the first thing you said
when you woke up today?
- subuh..subuh....

11. Do you have a best friend?
- erm..not sure

12. Have you ever hated someone, but
ended up being friends with them?
- maybe..

14. Do you own a pair of green pants?
- haha..nop..

15. Any crush?
- nop...

16. Do you believe that what comes
around goes around?
- definitely

17. What is your favorite fruit?
- err..ape ye?mkn jerk buah pape pom..

18. What is the last song to make you
- erm..menjaga hati..

19. Is your best friend pretty?
- maybe

20. Have you ever passed out?
- nyaris2 pnh la

21. Do you trust people easily?
- nop..but may be lar..haha

22. When was the last time you puked?
- entah..tak ingat..huhu

23. Whats the thing that always gets
you through the day?
- him

24. Who do you miss?
- everything with him..

25. Do you give out second chances too
- depends

26. What are you doing this coming
- makan + Tido + Chatting + Wayang time..haha

27. Where is one place you want to
- Byk tercapai akal mu..

28. Do you like hugs or do you freak
when people hug you?
- depend laa..

29. Had plans and broke them?
- msti ler slalu

30. Do you eat steak?
- tak selalu lar..

31. How are you feeling?
- confius and hoping...

32. Are you a lover or hater?
- depends..

33. What was the last movie you
- Narnia..

34. What comes into mind when I say,
Firenzeee the chimpanzee is on fire?
- owh..the chimpanzee is gonna die very soon..huhu

35.What are you listening to right now?
-JJ & Mirwana ~aku tanpa cintamu~

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