Oct 8, 2007


sarapan pagi hari ini....

1. A random guy/girl comes up to you
and says 'hey babe?' you say?
(^^,)what am i suppose to say?? hai~~la
balik~~~ :p

2. What was the last thing you put in
your mouth?
(^^,)tooth brush..n the ubat gigi

3. what does your last text message
( ^^,)"pai2"

4. the last song you listened to?
(^^,)beautiful girl -jojo.. :)

5. what's irritating you this very
( ^^,)..entah..sakit kan hati sesorang kot...

6. where is the rest of your family
right now?
(^^,)..my home...

7. what did you do yesterday?
(^^,)..shopping... =)

8 . pick a scar on your body, how'd you
get it?
(^^,)tangan kanan..jari telunjuk, 3 jahitan
masa tu tgh rajin sgt... :(

10. what do you want to do when you
get out of high school/college?
( ^^,)enjoy n hanging out with friends! ahaks :p

1 4. who's your most religious
(^^,)ermm...hana, nakal gak dak tue...tp da cont study kat um..miss her..

16. if you could change your name to
anything what would it be?
(^^,)x nak r..suker da ngan nama skrg.. :p

17. Do you tan easily?
(^^,)yeah ..sangat!!~~(sy sgt colourfull)

1 8. what do you hate most about your
( ^^,)like it :)

19. On your bed, what's your favorite
(^^,)my shin chan yg cute miut

20. last time you took a plane where
was it to?
(^^,)pahang kot.... :p

23. what's the first thing you would
do with five million bucks?
(^^,) 1. car, 2. rumah, 3. umrah, 4. shopping :p

27. next thing you'll spend money on?
(^^,) modified ("my car")..=)

28. what's one toy you remember having
in the 90's?
(^^,)patung barbie dgn baju2 gaun yg comel..hehhe =P

29. if you had a son what would you
name him?
(^^,) umm..ape eh? tak dapat anak lagi tak tau r..hehe :p

33. which of your friends do you argue
with most?
(^^,)erm..not sure..but always with yatie.. :p

3 5. what's your dream job?
(^^,)job yg relax shj kemudian dpt
gaji..hehe :p

37. if you could have any car what
would it be?
(^^,)merc sport..wna merah metalic...haha.. :)

38. what's your favorite breakfast
food?(^ ^,)bihun goreng & sandwich gulung :D

39. how do you like your eggs?
( ^^,)..tak kisah..janji tak mentah @ masak stengah.... :)

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